Haughton Green architects

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Name Registration Number Company Name Location
Thomas William Jennings 055122H Jennings Design Associates Ltd, The Warehouse Manchester, Lancashire, M34 3DS
Robert Ian Henderson 067799J Jennings Design Associates, The Warehouse Manchester, Lancashire, M34 3DS
Karen O'Reilly 071858K Jennings Design Associates Ltd Manchester, Lancashire, M34 3DS
Sam James Baird 075653I Jennings Design Associates Denton, Manchester, M34 3DS
Paul Matthews 066233J ADS Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 5AY
John Mair Flinn 041173F Davenport & Flinn Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 2EX
Robert Stephen Harrington 054777H R.S. Harrington Architect Ltd Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 1HW
Clare Louise O'Donnell 069822I Manchester, Lancashire, M34 5LL
Linda Lucy Buck 051949I Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 3AX
David Rowland Evans 051532I Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 4NH
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